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:yes: Hi , I am from United States. I love wildlife cameras and I love watching these birds. We
would have to buy them here in the states. It is wonderful to see them free. Hope to talk to many of you.
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Welcome to BYGC, quiltrace61.

Looking forward to you joining us in chat, any time (except when I'm asleep, lol).

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Hi Quiltrace. I live in the United States and I enjoy this site so much. The birds are so much fun to watch and the members or so friendly. Peachey, Al and Bruce are so kind to share their backyards with us. Rick keeps the site running smooth. They make us all feel so welcome. I hope you enjoy turning on your computer and coming to BYGC as much as I do!
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Quiltrace :wave:

:good: :clapping: :clapping:

I want to send you a warm welcome to one of the most friendliest sites you will encounter!

We are pleased you have found us and look forward to seeing you in chat!!
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Hi quiltrace, my name is elsa and I come from germany. I like lighthouses, the nature and animals. I wish you a great time at the BYGC. I have it also. W E L C O M E
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Hi everyone! ;)
I'm new here and you call me Simon.
From Australia and I'm very glad to be here. Hope I can have more friends.
Thanks :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
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