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Laurul Feather Cat
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Hi Peachy. I am sorry to hear there are major changes afoot in your life, but that is true of life for everyone, isn't it? I have been dropping in now and then and have missed watching the sunrise in Australia as I am wont to do, but the birds are still beautiful and watching them in their natural habitat continues to be wonderfully fun and instructive.

I hope stings are settling in for you and you and the children are getting back to a routine that is comfortable for you. You have my viewership for as long as you are streaming info. Please take care of yourself and the kids and hang in there.

Laurul FeatherCat
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Hello, Peachey! I am happy for you now that things are falling into place for you.

All my love
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Image Granny
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I have been checking back frequently and awaiting your return, Peacheyroo! I will miss your other place but am excited to see your new one. Take care and I hope all goes smoothly for your transition and new phase in your life. It's such a blessing that you share such beauty from the other side of the globe! Take care - and, see you soon!

LoriB, Virginia USA
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Thank you for all you have given to us...such a gift of beauty & wonder.

Wishing you happiness & success in your new life.
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Hi Peachey,
I just read your update and I'm so happy to hear things are working out, you're settling down in a new home and the kids are doing well. Good to hear you've gotten more hours at the bakery. All will come together as they should and we'll be hear waiting to see you online again when you're ready. Thanks for Bruce and Al for continuing the cam during this time of changes for you. They're definitely good friends.
Take care,
Colleen :wave:
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Hello Peachey

i want send greetings to you from germany.
Take care.
Best wishes.

Elsa :rose: hugsiciles
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